We've had a busy few movie watching days lately. On Sunday, we went to the dollar theatre to watch Serenity, the Joss Whedon 'cowboys and spaceships' movie. It was really quite good, with a fast moving plot and some excellent acting.

To counterbalance the good movie we saw Sunday night, on Monday we saw Swashbuckler, a pirate movie from 1976 we watched primarily because James Earl Jones was in it. It was... well... it was a rousing pirate movie. With some seriously questionable acting. But it was a lot of fun, so all good.

Anonymous commented:
I'm sure it's already been said, but you're more than welcome to borrow my copy of the TV series (Which is generally more fulfilling, there being less concentration on things exploding and more concentration character development) It's good stuff, and, frankly, since I hate TV in general, I've found it to be a pleasant exception to the general rule that sci-fi on TV has to be either sterile or weird. -ryaN
on Tue Nov 15 17:46:01 2005

David commented:
They made a TV series of Swashbuckler?! Excellent!! (yes, I'm kidding)

I found the TV series, while it lasted, to be quite entertaining, although overall I'm not sure what I think of dystopian scenarios like the one used in Serenity. I like my escapism light, most often.

on Tue Nov 15 18:15:41 2005

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