Anonymous commented:
that last picture looks like it could be on a "have you seen this man" campaign. If you know him, you can tell him I said so :o). Also, im thinking we'll be moved by the time you get here, and I hear there may be movers anyway (thank god). No worries, we will make sure theres enough unpacked when you get here to be functional ;O)
on Tue May 9 13:39:47 2006

Nikki commented:
Looks positively scandalous!!
on Tue May 9 23:17:07 2006

David commented:
I see the comments are broken on this one - I'll have to fix that at some point today...
on Wed May 10 13:11:56 2006

Nikki commented:
Are you meaning cause it is still letting me comment?
on Thu May 11 03:02:09 2006

David commented:
No - I think that will take a lot longer to fix! :-)
on Thu May 11 04:50:12 2006

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