xkcd and the NYT

So over the weekend the New York Times did an article on xkcd, a webcomic for serious geeks. And rather than thinking that xkcd had arrived, because it was covered in the New York Times, all I could think was that the Times was desperately trying to stay relevant. Which probably bodes ill for their long-term chances of survival.

Anonymous commented:
Its just quirky filler Dave. Don't get too excited. If its anything like corn and rainforests its not a done deal. Newspapers could easily be "printed" on cheaper media than currently available. Storing them electronically and rereading them is perhaps not exactly a break even principle in the long run considering the continuing energy expenditure. Terry
on Tue May 27 09:01:21 2008

Anonymous commented:

Oh god, I am a geek!

<> Ive always claimed to be a geek by association, but then I read the comic and laughed for a good 20 seconds.



on Fri May 30 09:57:17 2008

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