I like data

Why my cell phone plan must include unlimited data:

  • 450 Minutes Included - 125 Minutes used
  • Unlimited Night & Weekend Included - 28 Night & Weekend Minutes used
  • Unlimited KB included - 523,505 KB used
Yup - half a gig of data used. Note this phone has not been tethered to a computer at all - this is my data for podcasts, emailing, and surfing the web.
Roger commented:

I'm the same way. I listen to Pandora all day on my iPhone. I shudder to think what I would be coughing up if I payed per meg.

on Wed May 27 08:55:57 2009

Anonymous commented:

does this include any texting? Cause I love the txting



on Tue Jun 2 15:22:36 2009

David commented:

I would love the txts, but my crappy plan has none, and they charge like a million dollars each to send them. My next plan, I think, will include them.

By the way - now I'm at:

205 Minutes used
81 Night & Weekend Minutes used
988,157 KB used

on Wed Jun 3 00:20:06 2009

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