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It's either a bad sign or a good one - I was one of very few people who attended a city council meeting last night. The Log Cabin Democrat has an article on the meeting, which revolved around the consultants the city has hired to develop a plan for the city. It was interesting to know how much (or how little, depending on your perspective) a bus costs to run each year. It makes me wonder what places with much higher taxes than ours (which is everyone, basically) are doing with all that cash.

I can't tell if it's just my impression, but I feel like, down here, all official meetings are announced the day before they happen (as opposed to, say, weeks before). It may be that I'm not looking in the right places, but I feel like some of them are scheduled on rather short notice.

andrew commented:

Hang on, you are a man who has experience in Japanese bearaucracy. You must conceed that everything was done at short notice because everyone was so far behind shedule!

on Fri Mar 27 08:17:37 2009

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