The latest version of Windows 7 is currently burning to DVD for installation on my gaming machine. I've been impressed so far by the stability of this 'beta', and while it doesn't seem to offer many new features over the old version of windows (that'd be Vista), I figure I might just as well plan on using it. Shame for people who actually bought Vista (Sasha's computer came in jsut under the XP wire, and the Vista we have is a student edition, so cost us five dollars).

In other 'my computers' news, I may be getting the newest Mac Mini, if the sale of my old one goes through. Selling things is weird, though - do I trust them, do they trust me, how do we make the exchange, etc. etc. And yet, that's how it works. I looked at some online escrow places, but that seems... overkill. And just as risky - how do I know the escrow place is legit...?

andrew commented:

For a momemt there I was tempted to try the beta version of Windows, but then I woke up. Silly me, why would I have thought I could get it at no cost!

on Wed Mar 18 07:03:40 2009

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