First Word, now Excel. The BBC is reporting that Google has launched a web-based spreadsheet program on a limited basis, with rollout, one expects, to come over time. It has to be said, this is pretty big stuff - previously, when they bought Writely, it was possible to suggest that google was merely getting a nicer interface for their mail program. The addition of a spreadsheet app, however, makes it pretty darned clear (for those who weren't already there) that Microsoft Office will soon have a very inexpensive (free) competitor.

Erik commented:
What of OpenOffice? I used that for a while when I had Linux as my primary OS. My biggest complaint was lack of compatibility back to Word; companies like receiving resumes as Word files. However, with version 2 having an open document standard, perhaps that concern may fade over time. Also, one of the other graduate students used the spreadsheet component, Calc, and the included macro language (similar to VBA) to replace and enhance our department's grading system.
on Wed Jun 7 11:57:35 2006

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