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I ran across this great website called Free the Grapes!, which is devoted to making it easier to order wine from any state, and have it shipped to any state, without interference from laws dating back to prohibition. I have had the sad luck to find myself moving from a state with such laws, to a state with such laws. will never be my friend at this rate. The website includes handy information on laws in each state, as well as contact info for your local representatives, and an alert system to let you know when laws of interest are coming up for a vote.
Bruce Fields commented:

Todd Leopold has done an entertaining rant or two about this, e.g.:

on Tue Jun 24 13:40:59 2008

David commented:

Wow. Lots of good information there. Apparently my comments about prohibition were uninformed - 1993 is a little more recent than the 1920's. The two docs Todd refers to, one from Goliath and the other from The Indiana Law Blog, are also both interesting. It's funny how easily democracy gets misdirected by a focused special interest group, especially when you consider how many more people would like a sensible law.

on Tue Jun 24 16:47:26 2008

Anonymous commented:
hey, at least you live in a state where you can buy alcohol on sunday! in ga you cannot buy beer, wine or liquior from any store on sunday - gotta love blue laws...BUT you can go to a bar, after 1pm and drink till my hearts content. Makes no sense...nothing in this place makes any sense!
on Tue Jun 24 17:26:17 2008

Nikki commented:
Senible laws? David, c'mon now. I still cannot figure out why in PA you have to buy beer in special stores and separate from those that sell wine and liquor--and none of them in a grocery store, Target or other such establishment.
on Wed Jun 25 16:57:16 2008

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