Well, the movers came yesterday to put the breakables into boxes, and now we're just waiting for the truck to show up and take all the boxes away. The downstairs neighbors, Pete and Jen, moved out some time ago but couldn't get a sublet, so we are able to use their place as a staging area during the move. The cat is more than a little freaked out, I think, but hopefully after the marathon drive tomorrow (14 hours!) she'll be able to start settling in to the new house. Friday the cable dude will set us up with new nternets, and then it will be back to business as usual. I'm looking forward to some time off after all this is done, but I'm not sure how relaxing unpacking and outfitting a new house will be, honestly.

holly commented:

Good Luck, Drive Safe. unpacking isn't relaxing at all (as we have recently found out) but then it gets really good as you realize it is all over and you don't have to do it again for awhile. Good Luck~



on Tue Jul 29 18:00:03 2008

Anonymous commented:
Dear David, Arkansas is next to Oklahoma. And do you know what is in Oklahoma? Stuff like this: http://www.anorak.co.uk/anorak-in-new-york/185867.html Go ahead, read the entire "comic." Try not to make too big of a mess in your empty house when your head explodes. (and then ask yourself: did this guy attend your former workplace?) -Katie G.
on Tue Jul 29 18:47:13 2008

Nikki commented:
Drive safely; hopefully Mina travels well. Did you pack your fatigues? ;)
on Tue Jul 29 22:01:37 2008

Anonymous commented:

if you drive through atlanta, stop in!




on Wed Jul 30 20:13:51 2008

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