The afternoon is devoted to testing web applications. It's moderately interesting, although I'm not absolutely certain how much I'll end up using it - not because it isn't a good idea, but because I can very easily see all my time being used by other tasks, rather than testing. I'm experiencing something of a sugar/caffeine crash, as I finally made it to Coffee People to have my Black Tiger shake, which is ice cream and coffee beans. Yikes! It's going to be an interesting evening, also, as it seems I'll be sharing my hotel room with my boss this evening. He'd been hotel hopping to build up points on various member cards, and managed to find himself without a hotel room this evening. Whups!

Lisa Dugdale commented:
I had a favorite coffee cart in Portland, which morphed into a store after I left. I still dream about their shakes of the very same type you describe - coffee beans, coffee (cold brewed for 12 hours in some fancy press?), and high quality ice cream. (I think it's more complicated than that - I asked the owner, and have been trying to replicate this coffee experience locally for years). So if you have a spare 10 minutes, I'd head over to Bad Kitty Koffee - 724 SW Washington St, Portland, OR 97205. I'm not 100% sure it's still there, but it's worth a try or five.
on Wed Jul 26 06:47:56 2006

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