Well I finally managed to get my tooth crowned. After five years, the saga of the random cavity that just wouldn't go away is finally finished. Now I just need to get used to having a tooth there.

Today was actually very eventful all around. I got dressed up in a giant bunny outfit for a staff meeting, and handed out 'bunny hugs' to staff who had done, well, just about anything special. One person joked, after seeing me emerge drenched in sweat from the sweltering costume that perhaps making it a rule that people leaving the organization have to wear the bunny costume - perhaps it would cut down on staff turnover!

I also picked up a print version of The Economist on my way home. It is chock full of truly random job ads, including one from the Islamic Development Bank and one for the World Bank, which would be in my reach. Sadly, I don't know that I could work at the WB - I think I would feel a little too compromised. At least my current employer is very up front about what they do.

Jason in Egypt commented:
So...why _were_ you the person selected to get dressed up in the costume. A reward? Or did you volunteer, since you're finishing up there and decided "WTF, why not!"?? *laugh*
on Wed Jul 13 17:09:46 2005

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