While I'm waxing all tech geek on you, I should point out that today is the day Apple announces all their new products for the coming six months or so. The odds seem to be leaning towards a new ipod/phone, a box for your TV so you can buy TV shows from iTunes, and lots of other stuff. I'm quite looking forward to seeing what they do. If you're a glutton for punishment, Gizmodo is live blogging the event, so you can read all the latest here.

Shelby commented:
All that and a brand-new name!
on Tue Jan 9 16:45:48 2007

David commented:
You know how sometimes dogs get really excited and they wiggle and they whine and they pee on the floor, just a little? That was me while they were announcing the iPhone.
on Tue Jan 9 22:03:10 2007

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