yahoo buys mybloglog

Well, for those of you who were avoiding using MyBlogLog (the website that puts recent readers' pictures in that box on the left, down about halfway) because you didn't want another annoying login, you may now (or soon) rejoice - it seems Yahoo purchased the company. Now maybe there will actually be swanky new features!

Anonymous commented:
I humored you - in spite of the annoying login! ^_^
on Tue Jan 9 18:15:58 2007

David commented:
Yay! More pictures! And by the way - I do think yours is particularly swanky!

I notice they haven't gotten rid of the MyBlogLog login yet (but given that the sale was only announced yesterday, some patience are probably in order). I look forward to seeing what neat-o things Yahoo comes up with for this particular goodie.

on Tue Jan 9 22:05:30 2007

Anonymous commented:
Awww, shucks! Now you're making me blush!
on Tue Jan 9 22:37:25 2007

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