photos from San Diego

I finally went through all the photos we took when we headed out to San Diego just before Christmas. This was the first trip we took with my swanky new digital camera, and although most of the time you can't really see the difference, some of the shots are really quite nice, and I don't know that the old camera could have taken them. It was also really good to see Holly when we weren't busy getting married! You can see the pics here.

Heidi commented:
David these are gorgeous! I have swanky digital camera envy - I really like the way your photos render dimensionality; my camera doesn't do nearly the same job (though I wonder if it has to do with the resolution I take photos at... hm... maybe I'll have to play). Anyway - really, really great exposures (can we still call them that?). San Diego, moreover, looks like a freakin' beautiful place.
on Tue Jan 30 19:36:41 2007

Anonymous commented:
Great pictures, David! I, too, have camera-envy. FYI: Starting at image IMGP0624.JPG and onward, I get all sorts of gobblygook instead of a picture when I click to see the full size.--ryaN
on Wed Jan 31 13:00:31 2007

David commented:
Yeah - uploading the pictures seems to have hit some snags - I was noticing I need to do something there. I'll tell you the page looks great on my home computer, which none of you can see! Ah well - something for me to play with when I'm in New York this week.
on Wed Jan 31 13:57:46 2007

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