I've been sent home early from work two days in a row now, due to ice. Not actual ice, but probable ice (which has yet to materialize, though tonight is supposed to be the big ice storm, and other places have been quite hard hit. As before, all the two percent milk was sold out at the supermarket, but happily we have switched to one percent (they've started charging more for one percent down here, and since we only use it in coffee it was easy enough to switch). To add insult to injury, when I went out to the car this afternoon to go buy the milk (before the rush hit, or so I thought), my tire was flat. As it turns out, with enough effort you can inflate an automobile tire with a bicycle tire pump, which I did, and then drove over to the tire fixit place. But standing in freezing cold rain pumping a tire pump for what seemed like hours is not something I recommend as a fun way to spend an afternoon.

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