Exhibit A on why the US is completely screwed up: today an 8-year-old brought a gun to his day care facility and (it looks like accidentally) shot a little girl in the arm. This, by itself, is messed up. But what did one of the parents have to say about it?

"I'm a little concerned, of course, I'm just a little flustered right now, and nervous." Jackie Tazwell, who came to pick up her child at the center, told Washington-area television stations. "But things like this happen. It's a blessing that the little girl is OK."
"things like this happen"?!?! Things like this only happen in a country which has completely lost control of its ability to regulate firearms.
Nikki commented:
Yep, things like that do happen in that area... and it is only cause for a little concern. And, we do have gun control--our president sees to it that every child who wants a gun HAS a gun. I mean, they have the same 5 day waiting period for hand guns that everyone else does--which, is wholly unnecessary, I mean--WHY on earth would I need to wait FIVE whole days for my firearm?! I think I feel my head caving in on itself.
on Tue Jan 24 23:39:21 2006

Anonymous commented:
Perhaps rather than more regulation of firearms, it might be more expedient and correct to charge the negligent parents with a crime.
on Fri Jan 27 00:38:05 2006

David commented:
I am quite looking forward to seeing exactly how the child got his hands on a gun. Given the basics that every gun owner knows (although some do bend the rules a bit when it comes to the 'store the ammo in a different place' part), there's no really good way to explain how your eight-year-old got a gun.
on Fri Jan 27 05:51:52 2006

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