The state of the union is moyen

Well, I think I learned an important lesson about clicking the 'go' button before I had typed anything, there! I hope I haven't broken anything.

Before I so rudely interrupted myself with thoughts of broken blogs, I was thinking about the state of the union address, given this evening. I watched approximately 34 seconds of it. I read the summaries. I stand unimpressed, but then, I hadn't expected to be anything but. I saw there was stuff on oil, as the New York Times anticipated with their article on ethanol today. Of course, there's nothing to say about Iraq that we haven't already said. And the health care thing, well, I fear so long as people advocate a market-based approach without dealing with the information asymmetry, we can only expect our dollars to go less and less far, especially as compared to other countries. I do find the concept of taxing health care benefits interesting, not because I don't agree with taxing those who are more well off (in general), but because it's such a stupid plan from a party that claims to want to make government smaller. Government gets smaller when you don't have incredibly complex tax rules that only a team of lawyers can figure out - and that's what this idea sounds suspiciously like.

Shelby commented:
That's one thing that's always perplexed me--not only is Bush not a good President, he's not even a good Republican.
on Wed Jan 24 01:56:53 2007

David commented:
*laugh* It does seem as though Republicans should have chosen a Republican, doesn't it? Seriously, though, it seems like no matter who is in power, once the checkbook gets in their hands, all bets are off. I don't even remember the 'Contract with America' folks being all that effective in making smaller government, though they certainly talked like they would.
on Wed Jan 24 08:28:00 2007

Nikki commented:
Well, once part of government, the would not want to downsize their own importance--and that of the many who paid big, tax deductable dollars to get them there.
on Wed Jan 24 19:02:44 2007

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