A new year

So now it's 2007. I went to bed last night with a new sense of purpose - a desire to get done myriad things I think should get done this year, as well as a desire to change things I think should be changed. One of the things I thought about adjusting was the time I spend online, which amused me when I first thought of it - at the point when you decide to spend less time surfing the web, the internet really has replaced the television. I'm sort of easing into my resolutions this year, trying to figure out which ones are realistic and which ones are pipe dreams. If I only aim for realism, hopefully I will not find myself in a week wondering what I had been thinking in the first place!

Heidi commented:
I'm with you on the whole "less time on the internet" resolution. Being cut off from civilization in MT has made me realize that I don't miss civilization all that much.
on Tue Jan 2 14:39:17 2007

David commented:
...and, let's face it - 'civilization' is often a pretty strong term for what resides on the internet....
on Tue Jan 2 19:15:53 2007

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