the ultimate doghouse

Just in case you had decided that our kitten cam was the ultimate in pet gadgetry gone crazy, I offer you the ultimate doghouse, complete with email alerts, pressure sensors, etc.

Derek (Erb) commented:
For the first time I got to see the kitten cam with the lights on! But it seems to be lying on its side... as I have to crick my neck to read Sasha's sign... Where's kitty?
on Tue Feb 5 10:29:14 2008

David commented:

The live feed is from a camera mounted on the wall, and thus the image is sideways. The captured image, which updates once per hour, uses a php routine to rotate the image upright.

on Tue Feb 5 10:58:13 2008

holly commented:
So, I went and looked at this guys obvious effort to REALLY analyze how to tell if his puppy's needs are being met. Then I realized how silly this would be for us. I know for a fact (the drool and hair does not lie) that our dogs spend their entire day sleeping in the sunshine that falls onto our bed. They occasionally wander into the yardio to poop. I have the evidence. This seems like WAY too much effort to prove what I already know:) 
on Tue Feb 5 15:01:00 2008

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