You know, I watched Fnding Nemo again over the weekend. It's still cute. It's still not profound.

Shelby commented:
That's funny, I watched Finding Nemo this weekend too, and yes, there's no profundity. Also, the whole "all drains lead to the ocean" thing bugs me. Okay, I'm willing to suspend disbelief, but then they show the shot of the "Water Treatment Plant" sign, and then do nothing with it, I feel so ripped off. I hate that part.
on Wed Feb 23 04:40:47 2005

David commented:
I actually read that you had watched Finding Nemo, and it reminded me I had. It was at the end of a party, after all the alcohol had been consumed and most everyone was gone. They were using the screen savers that come on the DVD (well, the UK DVD, anyway) as mood lighting for the party, and someone decided to turn the movie on.

As you say, the things they could have done and the things they actually did were fairly far apart. But even forgiving that, I always feel like those movies are a series of vignettes, rather than a connected whole. Of course, in part that's probably easier for kids to deal with. Ah well - could have been worse - did you see Hercules?

on Wed Feb 23 06:58:21 2005

Shelby commented:
Ah, I'm an inspiration! :) I missed the joy that was Hercules. I'm so disappointed that they stopped making movies the quality of Beauty and the Beast and Lion King.
on Wed Feb 23 23:55:35 2005

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