For any of you who are interested, our kitten is home, and seems to be surprisingly happy and alert for a cat who was spayed just this morning. She purrs every time we come near her, and seems to enjoy being pet. We will keep you posted on the name issue...right now we have determined that she is *not* Sekhmet the Destroyer.

Lisa Dugdale commented:
Hm...have you considered naming the nameless, faceless kitty Zorro? Or Zorra?
on Tue Feb 14 17:27:54 2006

Anonymous commented:
How about a name that reflects its traits.. Like my Spot ed Cat, who is coinsidentally, spotted! or name it after your favourite musical instrument!
on Wed Feb 15 00:49:34 2006

David commented:
Sadly, my guitars tend to have male names (I'm weird that way), so that doesn't work. We may have to go with something pseudo-mundane, rather than something really crazy, 'cause our kitten is too laid-back to be saddled with a really outlandish name.
on Wed Feb 15 15:44:13 2006

Anonymous commented:
Personally, I like the name you told me: "We don't have one yet". It so useful too - a random stranger asks you if you have a pet, and you can respond, "Why yes. 'We don't have one yet'." Reply: "That's too bad. You should consider getting one." Response: "We did - We don't have one yet." ... ^_^ - Mara
on Fri Feb 17 23:34:01 2006

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