In more election news, this time from the UK, David Cameron has been chosen to lead the Tories. This is huge, as he appears to be a fresh face for a party that has been out of power for more than a decade, and seemingly lost in the woods for much of that time. Perhaps we'll see some new ideas coming from the right.

Worth noting is the easy comparison between the Tories in the UK and the Democrats in the US. Although their politics are not the same (although closer than you might expect), both have been running around headless, merely reacting to their opponents. David Cameron may change that. Now if only the Democrats could do something similar!

Nikki commented:
Seems Cameron can be the English Clinton: "Asked at a fringe meeting if he had ever taken drugs, Mr Cameron dodged the issue, joking about having a normal student experience." I wonder if he has an intern?
on Wed Dec 7 00:52:31 2005

David commented:
We were talking about how he's like Clinton as well, though for different reasons - it seems the media in the UK is quite nearly smitten with him. If the charisma holds now that he has the position, things could get interesting.

No comment on the intern thing, tho one might say 'why - are you applying for the job?'

on Wed Dec 7 06:15:57 2005

Nikki commented:
Yes, well, as much as I hate to admit that I actually do read REAL news from time to time and not just smut, I have been reading about Cameron for a while. I always find it interesting when the media goes ga-ga for a politician--and it is hard to hang onto. Clinton has; he could walk into the middle of an interview with the Pope and the reporter would stop and talk to Clinton. From a completely rhetorical perspective (among others), Clinton is quite a study--and clearly he has studied the rhetoricians before him closely. Ahh, if Foucault were alive to see this...
on Wed Dec 7 22:09:06 2005

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