For my American readers with a mobile phone, Yahoo has started a new service called mixd which allows you to create 'texting groups', where you send a text message to Yahoo's server, and it sends it to all the group members. It's all pretty obvious, but a nice idea nevertheless.

Anonymous commented:
The coolest thing I've seen recently with mobile technology is that you can use your text messaging to get Google results on your phone. Send a message to 46645 (GOOGL) and tell it what you want (e.g. Weather Ann Arbor or Price ipod nano) and it'll send you a text message right back with the info. Cool stuff! M. Kobylarz
on Tue Dec 5 13:29:56 2006

David commented:
You know, the interesting thing about that is that it didn't work with my mobile service (Virgin, which is tied to Sprint, I believe) - my text message simply went into a mysterious black void, and never came out. I liked the idea. There are also some services which will tell you prices found online for a product if you text in the UPC number, but generally speaking I expect to pay more for going to a store than shopping online, so I didn't bother seeing how they worked.
on Tue Dec 5 15:11:55 2006

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