Christmas past

Well, we're back at home now, having survived the first round of holiday cheer. We're heading back tomorrow to spend time with the kids, and then Thursday we'll be off to Chicago to see the fishies (and maybe the mummies). Lots still to do, but the big day went well, so that's something.

Nikki commented:
You know you need some sleep when you are reading this post and have a very surreal moment when you MIS-read it that you are going to sleep with the fishies and their mummies. Time for Nikki to put down the cold medicine and back away from the screen. Seriously, on that note--have a blast!
on Wed Dec 27 14:37:32 2006

David commented:
Quite nearly had to make the kids sleep with the fishies, but nevertheless I think you better put the cold medicine away!
on Fri Dec 29 21:01:32 2006

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