So, a number of sources have been convering a study which indicates that use of a mobile phone alters DNA, and does so in a way that is perpetuated when the DNA reproduces. Since damaged DNA is considered a possible cause of cancer, this means that what the study has said, with many caveats, is that cell phones might cause cancer. Of course, people have been saying that for years. What's interesting is that the study is a big one, taking place over several years, and partly funded by the EU. Thus it will be much harder for the big phone players to hush this up. Rather than link you to one of the many stories about this, I will instead provide a link to the reflex study home page, as well as the news release. The wacky thing is that the news release appears to have come out in late August, so why this is hitting the media now is beyond me....

Jason in Egypt commented:
Yes, that falls into the "troubling news" category.
on Tue Dec 21 18:35:26 2004

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