I hate it when I forget to sync my Palm before I leave in the morning! Riding a train for 45 minutes with nothing to read is torture. Ah well - I'll consider it a lesson learned, and hopefully next time I'll check. It's a good thing there was nothing particularly interesting this morning. Well, there was a report in the Guardian that people were selling fake Dalis in Finland:

Finnish police said yesterday they were investigating a large-scale art fraud in which dozens of high-quality photocopies of works by artists such as Salvador Dalí were passed off as originals and sold for up to €10,000 (£6,700) each.
which made me wonder a little bit about the buyers involved. And of course there's the Bush campaign saying that smear tactics are bad, and Kerry has a respectable war record. The timing is perfect, since the attacks were losing traction. Now Bush can claim the moral high ground. How amusing. And speaking of amusing, Reuters quotes a Vietnamese woman, Nguyen Lu Dung, as saying

"Young people of my generation have little knowledge of the American war, so what Kerry did during a battle in Vietnam is not important for us"

"On the other hand, what Bush did in Iraq mattered a lot, and he was wrong. For that he shouldn't win this election,"

The story reports that all the discourse about the Vietnam war going on right now in the US merely bemuses the Vietnamese, almost half of whom were born after the war.

Other than that, looks like a quiet day, as Oslo continues searching for artwork, the UK bemoans another Olympic medal not won, and France is apparently so bereft of news they are reporting on the continuing German protests over benefit reform - the so-called "Hartz IV" reforms.

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