For those following the Ann Arbor Outdoor Couch Ban Saga, someone in that lovely city blogged a full accounting of the first reading at the city council (which was evidently aborted, although I didn't get why). Most amusing element of the whole thing? One of the city council members posted a comment on his blog, correcting some of the details. Sadly or happily, as you like, it is an Albion alum - someone I went to university with....
Jason in Egypt commented:
So did you tell us who this mysterious Albion person is?
on Tue Aug 17 20:31:00 2004

Jason in Egypt commented:
Ok, found the name. I also see they've invented a new technology on the Ann Arbor Blog -- something called "Textile Formatting". When clothing meets the web, watch out! *laugh*
on Tue Aug 17 20:42:05 2004

Rob Davenport commented:
on Wed Aug 18 04:45:37 2004

David commented:
I thought it was 'when web meets textile - watch out' - don't they always tell us spider's web is the next holy grail of clothing and so forth?
on Wed Aug 18 18:43:46 2004

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