that's not very neighbourly...

Ah, Fukuoka. I used to visit you at least once a month. Now look at you, with your citizens who assault their neighbours for not participating in the communal exercise event. Where did you go wrong?

To be fair, it's pretty rude not to show up when all your neighbours are doing it, but that doesn't mean they should beat you with a golf club. Thanks to masked owl for digging that up.

Anonymous commented:
Haha! This kinda' sums up my entire experience at GEOS Kagoshima. Only they also forced us to smile while we were beaten.--Sarah
on Tue Aug 14 07:08:16 2007

David commented:
I'm under the impression that's how GEOS works in general, at least from my friends' experiences. I love the fact that two such similar seeming jobs (the JET program and GEOS) can be so completely, totally, radically different. They both bring you to Japan to teach English. But that's where the similarities end. I always felt kinda bad as I left for yet another long weekend that some people weren't getting the same perks. On the upside, we all seemed to be drinking about the same amount, so that made it all OK (or at least numbed the pain).
on Wed Aug 15 09:57:41 2007

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