Buffy the Musical

We watched Buffy the Musical again this evening. Sasha takes particular delight in introducing new people to the wonders of this particular episode. And upon viewing it for the 15th time I have to admit - it's pretty good.

Heidi commented:
Let me guess: Mara was your victim this time. It must be bunnies, indeed.
on Tue Apr 17 03:35:56 2007

David commented:
Oh yes - victim indeed. We got the mustard out!
on Tue Apr 17 21:05:06 2007

Anonymous commented:
For a victim, I really don't feel all that bad about what transpired. Perhaps it is because I did, in a round about sort of way, bring this down upon myself. After all, I was the one who brought it up and let out that I'd never seen the entire episode. - Mara
on Wed Apr 18 14:20:21 2007

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