clearly failed

Just in case you had any doubt that airport security in the US was a failed process, now they've outsourced it even further. Clear promises to get you through security faster, with a swanky chip card that clearly indicates you aren't a terrorist.

Anonymous commented:
as if terrorists couldn't get a clear card if they wanted to
on Tue Apr 15 22:49:06 2008

Shelby commented:
Lovely. It's the x-ray machines that take forever anyway. I've never had a problem, but given that I am clearly Wonder Bread White and not named Muhammed Al-Terrorist, I've never had a problem getting to the x-ray machine. Now if they could save me time from getting patted down because of my freakin' pacemaker, that might be something I'd pay for.
on Wed Apr 16 02:41:05 2008

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