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Well, for better or worse I started the gaming blog. You can check it out here, and if you come up with a better title I'm all ears.

Anonymous commented:
Interesting! I look forward to much happy reading, at least until I eventually get a real computer and start playing more games myself.

Is the "Next Blog" link random? Or do they look for some similarities in verbiage to pick the "Next" blog? It amused me to find this one (NSFW, probably) was the one I got when I first clicked the link.

- Mara
on Thu Sep 27 13:38:11 2007

David commented:
To my knowledge the 'next blog' link is random. Perhaps they look for similarities with the reader? Where had you been surfing before you looked at my blog?
on Thu Sep 27 13:53:57 2007

sasha commented:
ummmm, maybe it's because you called it "gaming massively"??
on Thu Sep 27 14:34:34 2007

David commented:
Ew. Like I said - I'm open to better names!
on Thu Sep 27 15:20:09 2007

Nikki commented:
I'm guessing in addition to the name, the reference to leatherwork probably makes for the interesting random next blog. I'd suggest a new name, but not being into gaming, I equate the confusion I experience on par of that the men I've dragged into shoes stores with me experienced.
on Thu Sep 27 19:09:14 2007

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