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So today the unemployed spouses of Conway area college professors (what's that acronym? USCACP? Would that be pronounced 'uskakip'?) headed down to Little Rock for a presentation at the Heifer Foundation on the upcoming Natural State Expo (worth noting: Arkansas calls itself 'the natural state', hence the name of the expo). Heifer's headquarters is certified LEED Platinum, which in addition to meaning it is environmentally friendly, also means people will come to see your building, which is nice if you have a gift shop and take donations. It is a very interesting building, actually, and seeing it in use was quite revealing. The building is designed to use ambient lighting, capture rainwater, and has natural plants and a water-friendly parking lot. It was also constructed from a large amount of recycled material (it was what is called a brownfield reclamation, which meant there had previously been a building on the site).

Lisa Dugdale commented:
Yes, but the important question is if the trip allowed the USCACP to spend some quality time schmoozing as well as admiring the building?
on Fri Oct 10 00:40:58 2008

Jason commented:
Nice...I had no idea that Heifer Int'l was based in Arkansas. But now I know! And when you can quote Walter Cronkite on your website, you know you're playing in the big leagues! (at least if people know/remember who Cronkite is)
on Fri Oct 10 08:26:52 2008

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