Well, I made it back from France just in time to be deathly ill. I woke up this morning feeling bad, and it's only gotten worse as the day wears on. So even though the UK has decided that Iran was responsible for their war dead in Iraq, there will be no pithy commentary from me. I'm calling in sick.

Anonymous commented:
Aww, poor, sweetie, I was gonna email and say you should come up here and meet me for lunch tomorrow. But we will wait until you are at full stregnth and properly able to wreak havoc on this place. In the meantime, I hope today finds you feeling better. - Nikki
on Thu Oct 6 14:13:02 2005

Nephew commented:
Aww, Poor Dave, Get well soon! I now leave you with the evil happy pikachu face: 0^_^0
on Fri Oct 7 05:42:15 2005

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