not more plumbers!

Special thanks to CNN, for providing me with the complete video of Obama meeting Joe the Plumber (who, by the way, we were speculating must be polish, since as we all know Polish plumbers are responsible for all crazy political things in the western world. And no, Joe looks nothing like the hot polish plumbers used by the Poland tourism board. (thanks to the Polish Blog for having that photo up)

For those that didn't see, Joe was pretty much the entirety of the third debate between McCain and Obama. It was... weird. But that's politics. Overall, another wash - I thought Obama won, but I'm biased. We'll see in about three weeks what the verdict is.

holly commented:

That was pretty much our comment too. John McCain's debate theme...

Terrorists, taxes, Sarah Palin's disabled infant, and Joe the plumber. 

Although I could look at more pictures of the Hot Polish Plumbers... 

on Thu Oct 16 10:42:56 2008

Nikki commented:
Don't forget the "American Dream." Now did someone say they needed a plumber?
on Thu Oct 16 19:00:53 2008

Jason commented:
I thought you didn't watch debates?
on Fri Oct 17 17:45:01 2008

David commented:

Sadly, and for reasons I can't explain, I have watched every debate of this political season. Then again, this is the first year I've given money, too, and the first year I have had a candidate's name on my car.

Unfortunately, I have no more hot polish plumber pics.

on Sun Oct 19 18:52:52 2008

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