Managed to clean up the blog finally, so now there's only the current month's postings, and the archive runs through September. I picked up a card reader today, which reads all of the various media cards (SmartMedia and SD, in my case), so finally, all of the photos from Egypt are in one place, on my computer. I'm now using the cards to swap data between my computer and this computer (my parents' computer, which is the only one connected to the internet). It's weird to be working 'from floppy' again, even if the 'floppy' has 32MB on it.

I've been doing, in fact, an awful lot of shopping since I got home, for tech goods. I have a new Palm (with Wifi!) and a new camera, and all the goodies which go with both. It's very exciting. The camera is particularly impressive, although I'm fairly certain I won't be able to use it properly for at least six months.

Jason in Egypt commented:
So when will you be posting these elusive pics from Egypt? *grin*
on Thu Oct 14 16:58:38 2004

David commented:
Moderately soon - I expect to have enough time to put them together next week, but then I'll be waiting on internet access for probably at least another week. I noticed somebody shot lots of photos of us shopping for souvenirs just before leaving Egypt, which are kind of fun - you can see all the stuff we didn't buy....
on Fri Oct 15 08:45:53 2004

Jason in Egypt commented:
So these shopping pictures are...where? Or are they also still waiting to be posted?
on Fri Oct 15 12:07:39 2004

David commented:
They are the same place everything else is - on my computer, waiting to be posted. Patience! Everything will go up, in November I think....
on Fri Oct 15 19:00:20 2004

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