My Lemony Snicket day continued: the plane out of Houston got to the runway, powered up the engines, then powered them back down. The pilot came on the Tannoy to tell us that a warning light had come on, so he was going to switch to the other system to verify the results, which meant powering down and powering back up the engines. He did this, then came back on to tell us that yes, there really was a problem with the engines, and that we were going to head back to visit the mechanics. They gave the engine a thorough going-over and we were on our way. I think we managed to leave at nearly the exact moment we were supposed to have arrived. So that didn't work so well.

Finally, I headed to Georgetown, where Southwestern University lives. Sadly, google maps failed me, directing me to take a road that didn't exist. So I ended up driving past the town. Thankfully, I decided that things had gone awry, and my stopgap measure to take the next exit and head back from whence I had come worked like a charm. So I was able to visit the campus, get settled in my office, and get some work done.

Well, all but the work part - my password had expired for the system (email, development website, network, everything) and somehow the reset didn't work - my password became neither my old password, nor the new password I gave it. So I was locked out of everything. It was an excellent cap to the day. It was finally solved just as I was getting ready to leave the building.

Since then, things haven't been bad. I drove in to Austin and had a nice dinner, and then drove back to the airport. I realized I was at the airport, and turned around, finally finding my hotel. And now, having slept hardly at all this week, I intend to get several tasty hours of sleep.

Lisa Dugdale commented:
Wow, there really was something vaguely wrong with the universe yesterday. I was sitting at a client meeting yesterday in Flint that my boss and I (seperately) arrived at late, and I asked people if they too had had a day where nothing quite went smoothly. You should have heard the stories people had of things just being a bit off, people being late, every single person travelling in the left lane, unexpected meetings, etc. It was pretty amazing. I think I'm glad yesterday is over.
on Thu May 4 17:32:25 2006

David commented:
Ah hah! It was the universe that was off! I feel better!
on Thu May 4 18:32:06 2006

Nikki commented:
Well, since you aren't going to make it to MY party, did you know that the Church of the Subgenius is holding a teX-day celebration this weekend in Austin... you might wanna consider getting naked, putting on a paper mache goat head and heading down there... just a thought...
on Fri May 5 03:20:31 2006

Nikki commented:
My bad... I'm an awful reverend of the order... I should have ended my last comment with a "praise bob"
on Fri May 5 03:23:33 2006

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