need for speed?

This is one of the funniest things I've seen for a while. A guy decided to compare two computers - a PC and a Mac - to see which one offered the best user experience. The funny? The comparison was between a 1986 Mac Plus (you know, the square box that you can turn into a fish tank) versus a modern windows box (in fact, one very much like the computer I just built). The even funnier is that the Mac won. Now, to be fair the test was intentionally biased to keep things even. But even so the absolute times were about equal, and isn't the whole point of a computer to save time? I mean, when it's not being used to waste time, of course!

sasha commented:
But, on the side of the windows machine, "Windows XP's desktop takes you to tropical "Vistas""! Teehee. (By the way, it's all your fault that I find this funny...)
on Thu May 31 10:34:32 2007

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