By the way - did you all notice the New York Times published another article about Koran abuse? This time they used information the American Civil Liberties Union managed to get freed from the government, under the Freedom of Information Act. I really, truly appreciate the ACLU. Even when I dislike what they're doing, I'm glad they're around. Now let's wait and see if the government tries to get them to retract it.

Shelby commented:
Although I don't always agree with the ACLU, Kevin and I are card-carrying members. With this administration I feel it's more important now than ever.
on Thu May 26 21:01:19 2005

David commented:
I love the fact that 'card-carrying member' is now so ingrained into our language. It's especially interesting given the displays on communism I saw recently, and the parallels I felt could be drawn between the current 'war on terror' and the old 'war on communism'. Better Hitler than Stalin, they said....
on Thu May 26 22:29:19 2005

Shelby commented:
No seriously--then sent us a card to keep in our wallets! I don't throw terms like that around casually you know :D.
on Sun May 29 08:04:27 2005

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