operation spamalot

A shout out to Ryan Lewis, who was so excited he called my house to tell me that:

U.S. federal regulators suspended trading in 35 companies Thursday in a crackdown on spam e-mail sent by unknown market manipulators who profit from a rise in the share price of thinly traded companies.
No, he's not some kind of weird securities geek - he was excited by the name given to the operation: Operation Spamalot. It's not often this phrase has come out of my mouth, but I would like to shake the hand of the Fed who named that operation!
Heidi commented:
Oh my god. Somebody called you? ON THE PHONE???
on Fri Mar 9 00:28:05 2007

Anonymous commented:
Yeah, I could barely contain my laughter at this one. Too strange.--ryaN
on Mon Mar 12 13:16:14 2007

David commented:
I'm trying to decide if he's saying the story was too strange, or someone calling me on the phone was too strange....
on Mon Mar 12 14:44:48 2007

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