I love it! As you may or may not be aware, the BBC has created 9 or 10 new Dr. Who episodes, which will begin airing I think this month (sooner if you are on the file sharing networks - it seems someone leaked one early, creating quite a stir at the BBC!) To give you an idea of how excited the Brits are about this (or at least an idea of how much hype surrounds it), check out the front page of the Times today, which has given quite a chunk of their front page to an image from the show.

Jason in Egypt commented:
Not aware of this one, but I was just reading in an old issue of McLean's about all the downloading of TV that's going on. That was from a few months ago, so I suppose it's gotten even more popular now (not that I know anyone who would do anything like that).
on Thu Mar 10 11:11:59 2005

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