Ana´s probably doesn't remember, but in February she asked if I was going to be putting up pictures of our kitten. I said soon-ish. I don't really think four months counts as soon-ish, but I put some up anyway.

Jason in Egypt commented:
So where did you get the pillowcase in this picture?
on Sun Jul 2 18:10:44 2006

David commented:
Funny you should ask - it came from a strange little fair trade shop in Cairo, Egypt. Hidden away, as I recall, on like the second floor of an office building or something. (Remind me, actually, because I really feel like it was the craziest location ever)
on Mon Jul 3 04:45:02 2006

Jason in Egypt commented:
Yeah, that's pretty much the best way to describe the place! I guess I need to go back there again b/c that'a pretty cool pillowcase!
on Wed Jul 12 13:26:41 2006

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