According to Google Maps, the distance from Ann Arbor, Michigan to Northfield, Minnesota (where I was this week) is 653 miles. This can be driven, says the computer, in about 11 hours and 24 minutes. Or it can be flown, says the David, in 12. It took me from 5 AM to 5 PM. As I noted earlier, the first leg was rough and slow. The second leg was slightly, but only slightly, better. Of course, if things had gone as planned I imagine it would have been a whole lot faster....

Lisa Dugdale commented:
Or, it could be Amtraked, said the Lisa, for 14 hours (ok, really 12 but the 2 hour layover in Chicago really does have to be included). $285 - cheaper than the $312 you'd spend driving, and much more relaxing. Besides, then you could have a conversation about gay marriage with a friendly born-again evangelicals that you've already spent 5 hours chatting with. (This antedote courtesy of my friend Jim who took the train to Burlington. He says he loves trains because he meets a much more diverse spectrum of people than he would flying, and has conversations that he normally wouldn't have).
on Thu Jun 22 16:01:57 2006

David commented:
Ah, but you assume the train is on time, something I have never experienced with Amtrak.
on Thu Jun 22 18:58:23 2006

Nikki commented:
Yes, well, maps also say you can make it from Ann Arbor to Chicago in 3.5 hours--but that is assuming no construction and no one else on the road that tack on an additional 1.5 hours. That said, I'm finally HOME! :)
on Mon Jun 26 04:49:05 2006

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