We made it to Montreal, and through the magic of wireless even have internet in the room. It was quite a drive, so we followed it up with quite a walk, all over the city. Nice place. We'll be here tomorrow and Friday, and Saturday head out to wherever we get to - the goal is to drive home on Friday, but we'll see how we do - it's twelve hours, and we aren't sure we can do that in a single day.

sasha commented:
Saturday. The goal is to drive home on Saturday. It would be kind of difficult to leave here Saturday and drive home on Friday...
on Thu Jul 20 14:18:00 2006

Anonymous commented:
Al and I will also be doing a 12 hour drive either Friday night or Saturday morning (from DC to Guntersville Alabama). I can attest from, having done so in the past that it is possible to do a 12 hour drive in a single go. Heck I even did by myself once because my passenger couldn't drive a manual transmission (**coughMistycough**). Incidentally, that was also when I developed my utter disdain for Jeep soft-tops. How is the Yaris for long drives anyway? I am considering trading in the RAV4, and Al thinks your car is very cute. -Andrew
on Thu Jul 20 14:38:19 2006

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