had a bad day

Bummer of a day today. They're posting the job of my boss' boss, and I, quite naturally, had planned to apply. Sadly, I discovered state law won't allow my salary to increase by more than a certain percentage of my current salary. This means, if I got the job, I would make significantly less than the minimum salary listed for the job. Even if they bumped me up to the minimum starting salary for the job, it would be about 20K less than I would expect to make in a job of its nature, even here. Minimum. So now I have the choice of being even more dramatically underpaid than I already am, or of passing up on a job that is much more in line with my skill set. In short, it was a very frustrating day. And revealing - I realized how much I really care about what I make. Of course, I asked the HR person if I quit my job, would I then be eligible for the higher salary? Her response seemed to indicate yes, but that it wasn't really a course she recommended, for obvious reasons (what if I didn't get it?)

holly commented:

OK. so what if you applied for the job, interviewed, and then said you couldn't start for 3 weeks. Then gave your 2 weeks notice when they offered you the job, took a week off, then started at a much higher salary. Can we outwit the system??? They can't be that bright if they have stupid rules like that.

on Fri Jul 17 21:26:56 2009

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