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So I've been working on getting my blog working with OpenID (you can see my progress here - it will allow you to login, and nothing else), and it looks like I'm just in time. According to TechCrunch, Yahoo will begin using OpenID starting January 30th.

Derek (Erb) commented:

I tried using my openID on your page and got several different errors.  I can send them to you separately if you wish.  I tried entering just the openID in your field (DCEFrance) and then with the URL extension ( and then the full URL (  None of them worked... sorry.

 Have you checked out Intense Debate's product?  Quite a few other blogs I follow seem to use that one.

But then again your current, and already new and improved, comments system seems to work fine:  pourquoi changer une équipe qui gagne ?

on Fri Jan 18 09:38:17 2008

David commented:
Haha - it seems it works better if I don't use 'cut' instead of 'copy' to get a piece of code from one place to another. Once I put back the require 'SimpleOpenID.class.php'; it worked a whole lot better!
on Sat Jan 19 22:17:53 2008

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