Wal-Mart health care

Oh boy! Wal-Mart is planning to expand their presence in the health care industry, starting with our future hometown! The new trick will be to deliver care in partnership with a local provider (to make it more trustworthy).

Derek (Erb) commented:
If I understand correctly... You guys are moving to Little Rock, Arkansas?!?!?!?!
on Thu Feb 7 18:50:01 2008

Jason commented:
Yes, I'd say that was David's way of telling us without telling us. He might have gotten in trouble for telling us directly. *grin* But David was never very good at being coy. Love the Consumerist!
on Fri Feb 8 09:24:08 2008

Anonymous commented:

you know they have tornadoes in Arkansas!Make sure you have a storm celler! sarah




on Sat Feb 9 15:16:52 2008

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