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I've gone pretty much pure geek this evening, installing the beta of Windows 7 (that's the OS that Microsoft hopes you will buy, since you didn't buy Vista, because nobody bought Vista, and so Microsoft is sad) on my gaming computer, and then installing a computer game (Team Fortress 2) on said computer, and seeing what catches fire. The guys I work with are both first person shooter (games like Doom, or Halo) players, and since they seem to enjoy it, I figured I'd give it another try and see what happens. Given that I lost much of my sophomore year in college to Doom 2, I believe I could find myself once again enjoying mindless violence.

On a side note, when I went looking for links after I wrote this post, I visited the Windows Vista homepage, which is now covered with links to information about Windows 7. It seems Microsoft would prefer you forgot Vista altogether....

Derek (Erb) commented:

Hey! How did you get access to the Windows 7 beta? They closed down access to the files a couple of weeks ago.

Do tell!


on Fri Feb 27 08:33:40 2009

David commented:

Heh. I actually installed the beta I downloaded when the beta was open to the public. But there's always bittorrent if you want a more recent build than 7000 (which is the one I'm using). It's interesting - the video card driver that came with Win7 (dated sometime last year) was much better than the 'updated' driver I got from nVidia (dated a month ago). Overall, build 7000 is quite good - assuming they do some polish, I would buy it - it's pretty much the same as Vista, with more pretty thrown in. I'm guessing it actually is Vista Service Pack 3, put on a rush job and wrapped in new clothes.

on Fri Feb 27 09:14:28 2009

Shelby commented:

Ah, Windows Vista, gone the way of Windows ME and New Coke.

on Fri Feb 27 19:41:34 2009

Jason commented:

Was thinking of buying a laptop soon, but might wait awhile so that I won't be stuck with Vista.  Rumor is that if you buy a computer with Vista after July 1, Microsoft will give you a free upgrade to Windows 7.  We'll see...

on Sun Mar 1 21:51:55 2009

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