Yesterday one of the women I work with said to me, as I was headed out the door, that she loved the license plate on my car. I responded in some manner or another, we chatted a bit, and in the course of the conversation she noted that the reason she loved the car is that it reminded her the she worked with such dorky people. I got called 'dorky' by a librarian. That makes me feel warm inside, somehow.

Anonymous commented:
You did not mention that you got called dorky by a very hip librarian--no bun, I own an iPod, and I totally get your subversive FSM humor. 
on Fri Feb 22 15:23:04 2008

David commented:
I am, in fact, caught. I did neglect the fact that my colleague is more like those cool librarians in that NY Times article than like the traditional image of a librarian. Without, so far as I know, the tatoos.
on Fri Feb 22 23:42:29 2008

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