when buffalo attack!

Better to be a housecat than a lion fighting with buffalo and crocodiles. I'm going to sit Mina down and make her watch this video. I was almost surprised the lions didn't wiggle before they struck.

Nikki commented:
You have to be careful what you allow Mina to watch. I once had a marathon of Big Cat Diaries on and an hour after sitting, watching, Calvin was imitating the Cheetahs, crouching on his way over to the food dish, then back to the TV. This behavior lasted nearly a week. And, as for the video--I'm still stuck on the comment something to the effect they were surprised how big the buffalo was... but still, I bet that baby buffalo wouldn't have gotten away if those lions has thrown a wiggle in.
on Thu Aug 9 21:23:20 2007

Anonymous commented:
The buffalo got away? *sigh of relief*
I stopped watching when I saw it caught, as I thought the end result was already decided. Now I'll go back to see it through.
- Mara
on Fri Aug 10 11:25:37 2007

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