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Jason pointed out something I had recently also noticed - I seem to be blogging less, despite all my free time. I think this is in part a function of my device of choice, which is my phone, not my computer. Additionally, we're still having some teething pains with the wireless keyboard on the Mac, which means sometimes when I type on it te wrds al hve mssig ltters. I've also been keeping bizarrely busy since we got into the new house, mostly doing homeowner-y types of things. Today, for example, I took an inventory of the 30-odd cans of paint in the tool shed, looking for the one used to paint the dining room... then I read the Economist, which was less work-y. In part, I find if I don't have a list of things to do the day gets whittled away by minutia, so I've of late either (a) been working to a list, or (b) been whittling the day away with minutia. There's also just so much left to do - the office is a pile of wires six feet on a side, for example. We'll see if this keeps up, though, to be fair, at any moment I could find myself working again (or at least interviewing again).

Jason commented:
So apparently nobody else noticed that you were blogging less? Or they just didn't complain? *smirk*
on Thu Aug 21 16:57:48 2008

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